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  • Thanks, I am new to this forum thing. I am looking at a 1970 Jeep J2000 that a guy has and I would like to know is it hard to get parts for this Jeep? It needs a complete overhaul.
    No way! I love this forum. I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't been online as much. I hope that changes.

    I was working on the Jeep today so I was inspired to check in to the site. I've been sitting here going through all the threads I've missed.

    Thanks again!

    first off I think your forum is going to be a hit once it gets active and more members. And I really haven't posted on here much. But I spend alot of time on I'm sure you've been there.

    So here's what I was thinking. To up the activity/ membership. Have a few contests and give away membership upgrades as prizes. Easy stuff like maybe jeep trivia or something goofy. That way the new "members" will be more active, add more topics draw more attention etc

    The main reason I use jeep forum more is I already have a membership and that makes it way easier to do things.

    Another thing. Sorry for the rant. But profiles more like myspace where members can post info on multiple rigs, and maybe have a gallery section where you can just hot link photo bucket pics. To save you server space.

    If you read this far I'm impressed. But just thought I would bounce some ideas off of you. I'd really like to see this forum take off.

    i cant see any of the pictures in my album. it shows that i have 43 pics but i cant view them.
    hey i just got your email. this is going to be a sweet forum. just wanted to see if you still need any help, thanks hope to here back from you.
    you think you can change my screen name to Jeephustler.. (miss spelled it) if not delete my account and i will add again.. thanks.. :)
    do u think we can get a for sale/wanted section, dosent have to be for a specific model. prob put it by the meet and greets
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