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  • well my name is Pratt
    first was a jeep cherokee 4" lift and all terrains and traded for a 99 4x4 tahoe that ended up getting totaled and i now have an 03 tahoe. and i have been seriously looking at getting an old cj but i think most my play money will end up in my 1968 Chevelle SS and considering most of my family members (brother, dad, uncles, cousins) have nice jeeps im thinking its cheaper to drive theirs for now lol and oh i got an 87 4x4 mazda that dropped a valve that is just sitting in my yard and i had a 87 suzuki samurai that i regret getting rid of too

    i personally dont have a jeep anymore but im on the search for another :D

    but other than that im an unemployed student lol but last job i was an Aquatic Maintenance guy working on everything you can think of in a waterpark.

    i came over here from TYF and love jeeps

    is that good enough? haha
    True but when kids are involve then. . . But he is cool so I don't mind. It lets me get out into the fresh air!:D
    Wow those are beautiful pictures. Seeing that dodge out there makes me feel a little more confident that my truck can make it. I need to do some tuning on my truck as well I need to service the diffs and the trans and all before I can think about that. Plus I am thinking my rad has a pin hole leak to but I have to check all that.

    My wife's ex husband lives in show low and he has a big camp out set at the end of April so that may conflict with time. Not sure yet but ya if I can get the info I would love to go!
    I pride my self on detail. And like I said born and raised plus I have a lot of history here. hehehe.

    So (kicking my feet in the dirt, head hanged) how often do you go out off road?
    quote= az outlaws
    Just a few....

    - Bulldog Canyon (off of Usery Pass Road, but you need a free permit from the mesa Ranger Station)
    - Montana Mountain
    - Box Canyon (tight fit)
    - Coke Ovens
    - Walnut Canyon /quote

    So are these trails I can go out on or should I find someone with trail experience to accompany me?
    Cool. Well that being said my yukon is only stock as for the suspension. I have upgraded the diff to a detroit trutrac when my stock pinion grenaded on the 60 heading out to martinez canyon for my cherry popping first time. The guy I was going to go with had a lead foot I was doing 80 to just try to keep up and then BANG!!!! thought is was the trans at first but well anyway that is the only not stock part in it now.

    Well can you suggest any trails for a stock fullsize and a driver that has never been out.
    I have taken it to queen valley and lower sycamore creek but never any where that I really needed it in 4wd.
    Mesa? that is where I am. So are you only bias to Jeep for off road adventures? Cause I have a Yukon GT 4x4 that has never really seen any off road and I know that he(the truck lol) wants to get his wheels dirty!!!!!
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