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  • Yeah... when kids are involved you have to learn to at least be civil. I'm lucky I guess. No kids involved, just walked away and never had to look back.
    LOL... "wife's Ex" is having a big camp out, and both of you are going?? I thought having an ex means see ya later and don't look back.
    Thanks. I haven't gone off-roading in it as of yet. I just got it nearly a month ago so my time has been all into restoring it so far.
    As often as I can... usually once or twice a month, more if I can get a group together. The club I belong to doesn't have a run scheduled until Apr 24... Chivos Falls down in Tucson. I'm also waiting to hear back from my buddy. His tranny was acting up last weekend on a run to Box Canyon. Once he gives the thumbs up, we'll most likely post a Box Canyon/Coke Ovens run.

    Here are a couple of links to the Box Canyon/Coke Ovens trails some of the guys did recently. If you think you're up for it, I'll let you know when we plan on doing it again.
    Yes!! You have a sharp eye as well as being familiar with the area!!

    I wouldn't recommend ever doing a trail alone unless it's just a well traveled dirt road like Apache Trail or Four Peaks Road.
    Just a few....

    - Bulldog Canyon (off of Usery Pass Road, but you need a free permit from the mesa Ranger Station)
    - Montana Mountain
    - Box Canyon (tight fit)
    - Coke Ovens
    - Walnut Canyon
    LOL... not biased at all. Happy to wheel with any 4x4, just as long as the vehicle is capable for the specific trail that is being run. I've seen a few full sized trucks on trails that were too big and got in trouble. The big trucks just have to run trails that can accomodate their size.
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