Jeep of the Month Contest Rules & Terms - PLEASE READ FIRST!!

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Mar 13, 2010
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This is the first month for JOTM. Here's how it is going to work. If you want your jeep to be considered for this month or any future JOTM contests then you have to post a picture of your rig in the thread in this section. You can still be nominated if you don't but it will be easier for other members to find pictures if they're all in one place.

There will be cash prizes for the winners! These cash prizes will go on for at least 6 months and all depends on how well this turns out too.

1st - $75 & " Decal" when they are made :D
2nd - $50
3rd - $25

Payment made via If you don't have paypal, we can still get something worked out.


1. We will be taking the first 10 members that post up their Jeeps and get seconded.

2. To be eligible for the JOTM, you will need to be a Full Access Member which is a member that has 50 posts or more on the forums. If you are not a Full Access Member and are thinking of spamming the site to get to 50, it will not work as we will be watching for spamming posts. BTW, posting in the lounge section will not add a post to your post count. ;)

3. Member or ride can only win JOTM 1 time per calender year. ie: John can't win in January '11 and August '11. If you have more then one jeep, that other jeep that didn't win can enter.

4. The jeep you submit into the contest must be yours. If we feel that the picture you submitted is not a jeep you own, we will ask you for more proof.

5. Pictures entered into JOTM must be quality pictures. Thumbnails, grainy or otherwise hard to see pictures will be sent back for better pictures. (We are not expecting 20 mega pixels, but no 1998 cellphone pics that are 200 pixels.)

6. Obviously it must be a jeep. Any model year goes. Once the site gets bigger, we will eventually change the JOTM to each model, but for now, its all jeeps.

7. Nominations should be posted with a picture of the nominated vehicle, hopefully with a list of the vehicle specs, mods, crazy story, etc...

8. Do not make posts in the JOTM threads unless it is a nomination or a second. (I'm going to try to keep this thread clean and not full of a bunch of junk posts.)

9. Nominations will open the 1st of the month, and run until the 15th. Then we will take the nominated vehicles and get all the info from the owner and post up the pics, info of each vehicle and a poll so the voting can begin until the end of the month.

10. Members that want to vote will only be allowed to vote for one Jeep, so make sure you study each Jeep before making that vote. Members voting will also need to be a Full Access Member (50 posts or more) to vote. This way we can make sure that users in the contest can't just signup for another user name and vote.

Again, PRIZES will be a cash prizes.

1st place - $75 & " Decal" when they are made :D
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $25

(All rules and details are subject to change month to month)

If you have any questions or problems with the rules or JOTM, please post them here: JOTM General Discussions. - Jeep Forum . We are also wanting to hear what you think about this setup, so post that up too.

Lets get this going and get those nominations in!!!!! :birgits_tiredcoffee
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