2012 Liberty head scratcher


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May 21, 2019
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Hay there y’all. We have a 12 Liberty with a head scratcher that two ASE mechanics couldn’t diagnose. It has 98k And it’s served regularly. We’re in Ga and we bought it at a dealership 3 years ago. Everything works great on it with strong AC. Problem is about once a month it will act like it has a dead battery and won’t turn over. Turn it 2-3 times then it cranks up sounding like it’s running on 3 of the 6 cylinders. It sounds loudly like it’s struggling to idle while shaking the whole car a little bit. While that’s every light on the dash is illuminated. Turn it off try again and it’s back to normal. No codes displayed or stored period. I’m no dummy and I’m an old school shade tree do it yourselfer but I’m as lost as last years Easter eggs on it. Don’t wanna get rid of it but I don’t want it breaking down on my wife either. Any advice or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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