Broke brake to fix?


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Sep 5, 2013
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Had a wheel cylinder start leaking on the old '96 XJ so I figure I'll do all new rear brake parts since I haven't been into them in a while. After getting all the pass side taken apart I go to take the brake line off the backside of the cylinder and the hard brake line twists off right behind the 3/8" nut. It was abundantly clear after the fact that the nut is supposed to turn independently of the brake line, but it didn't. I should've looked into a tutorial before getting into it and maybe I could've avoided this altogether.

So the line that's broken is the pass side hard brake line that goes from the wheel cylinder to the brake line plenum (?) on top of the axle. The one that looks like it's wrapped in a coiled wire.

How in the world do I replace this? It's not showing up on any parts list so I guess I'll have to get my trusty mechanics to make it?

Also, I haven't broken down the driver side brake yet, so any advice on getting that nut out of the cylinder without twisting the line apart like I did with this first one is much appreciated as well.

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