Exhaust pipe rattle fix


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Sep 5, 2013
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So I got a new muffler put on at the local discount Mexicano auto shop (learned my lesson) and they rearranged my exhaust so the pipe forward of the muffler sits about 1/2 inch above the transmission support member and now rattles like a mother. Instead of getting the exhaust redone I'm thinking it would be a lot cheaper to just get some kind of heat resistant material like maybe a welding blanket and fix between the pipe and support member to cushion the rattle. Anything used it'd have to be ok with being in constant contact with the exhaust.

Found some 'High Temperature Resistant Fiberglass Pads - Heavy Duty Professional Welding Pad' on Amazon described good for soldering, welding or brazing.

Any thoughts on this or suggestion for a better material?
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