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Thanks, I am new to this forum thing. I am looking at a 1970 Jeep J2000 that a guy has and I would like to know is it hard to get parts for this Jeep? It needs a complete overhaul.
I know your post is old, but I just found it doing a search for bumper end caps. Which ones did you use for the front and rear? I have a heavily modified YJ (you would not believe what I did) and am using the stainless factory style bumpers with holes. Thanks

I have jeep commandar and mu problem the signal light went out always any idea what the problem
thank Sam

I see you are using photobucket. Highlight (click on) the direct link under the photo you want to post and then in the post reply in the thread (go advanced) and click on the photo icon and you will get a drop down box and right click on it and paste it. The pic should appear in your post.

The post I looked at that you posted had the link instead of the photo.

hey man I posted some pics in my intro. thread today and they never showed up did I not do something right.
i guess i didnt make it in time...
I work a lot so its hard for me to frequent the boards as much as I use to. I will get into the JOTM next time for sure.
Nah, Ive never been down there. Ive been wanting to go for years now. Ive only been down to Hot Springs a handful of times. School/Work keeps me from doing anything in the near future. Ill find my way down there sometime.

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