3 questions...realignment, rear wiper parts and modified headlight harness


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Sep 5, 2013
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'96 XJ here and she's due for some maintenance

1) My steering has been misaligned for a while now pulling fairly hard to the right. What part of my steering is causing this and how to adjust? I won't get this perfect but any improvement would be great

2) How do I find just the headlight harness for this kind of bulb? 3 prong, pic below. Every search I do for H4 hella harness gives the whole thing and I just need the parts that plug into the bulbs w/ pigtails.

3) Broke the dang rear wiper assembly the other day and need to find replacement parts. Thing is I hadn't paid any attention to how this broken part (pic below) was before it was broke so I don't know how they go back together, or if I can just order the small broken part or the whole arm assembly that comes with it. Also wondering what it's called and where to look for it.

Thanks friends, appreciate the help.



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