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    Trying to replace this screw / fastern clip

    Mopar assist could help you. What I do with queries for some parts is email with photos just so they know what I'm talking about. Found them on google and been buying parts from them since 2 months ago.
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    Git It Garage CRD Youtube Series

    Watching again. Congrats for your 3k subs!
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    Harness for Towing

    My friends suggested to get a mopar harness It is my first time to use Jeep for towing as I've been using Ford. Would love to hear if mopar could be reliable in terms of towing.
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    What Are You Paying For Gas??

    $2 for today! Still it is low compared to pre-covid days.
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    2007-2017 Compass\Patriot No Start Issue

    I've been subscribing for jeep vlogers who really show step by step guide to fix issues.
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    Hesitant acceleration after stopping at a light

    Let's check the basics first and see if it is just because of lack of fluid but if not I'm guessing you have a leak on your hose on brake boosters

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