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  1. CT99XJ

    Are you a religious person?

    I think a Lakota elder said it best when I was out in South Dakota: "I like your Christ, but I don't like most of his Christians." This pretty much sums up how I feel on the subject. I was brought up as an Episcopalian and baptized/confirmed the same, but the way I see it, a denomination is...
  2. CT99XJ

    Caption This Pic Thread.......

    In the manner of a motivational poster: TOYOTA You can never call a guy in a lifted Jeep "redneck" again after this picture.
  3. CT99XJ

    AZ Outlaws JK for Sale (link)

    He knew wht he was doing when he built that thing, it was built right. that's a damn good price for it. if i had the cash i'd jump on it.
  4. CT99XJ

    Random Disconnected Thoughts Thread

    tired. nothing to do.
  5. CT99XJ

    Random Disconnected Thoughts Thread

    Just got up, need to finish tweaking my steering.
  6. CT99XJ

    AZ Outlaws will be missed...

    From what little I knew of him through here, he was a really good man. It's a sad day to hear that he's passed. I'll miss him.
  7. CT99XJ

    [SiS] Offroad Operation Enduring Realness III (OER III), August 6-8, 2010

    Just because it was an epic shot: The entire group (minus a few rigs) parked on the comp course for a group shot: Oh, and Erik Miller happened to be there with his KOH buggy filming a promotional shoot: Drive home was reasonably uneventful, aside from almost getting mashed into Jersey...
  8. CT99XJ

    [SiS] Offroad Operation Enduring Realness III (OER III), August 6-8, 2010

    Watched some of the harder groups attempt Jotter's Way, Shoot the Moon and Crawl Daddy. Most pics here are from Shoot the Moon: My rig was having SERIOUS overheating problems now, so we trail-fixed my e-fan and limped back to camp. Once there, I swapped in a new fan clutch (mine was...
  9. CT99XJ

    [SiS] Offroad Operation Enduring Realness III (OER III), August 6-8, 2010

    The local club I'm in (SiS Offroad) went to Rausch Creek for three days of wheeling, and with the intention of having participants bring supplies to make care packages for troops overseas. From my house to Rausch is 230-something miles- I figured I'd have to gas up at least once, but made it all...
  10. CT99XJ

    Rear Axle Swaps

    Dave- At the moment I'm running a second ChryCo 8.25 that I picked up dirt cheap with an Aussie and Riddler diff cover, custom truss, and alloy shafts. If I end up going full-width down the road, I'm thinking D60's front and rear. If the ChryCo and D30 fail me, I'll work some magic and fit the...
  11. CT99XJ

    Rear Axle Swaps

    Whether it's a full-size or not, from stud to stud it's the same width as a ChryCo.
  12. CT99XJ

    2011 Wrangler Brochure....

    I have to agree that it would be economically illogical to have two chassis for the same vehicle. To be fair though, You JK guys are now feeling what it's like to be without a proper SFA shoebox like us XJ guys :crazy:
  13. CT99XJ

    Post A Pic Of Your Jeep!! RIGHT NOW!

    Technically two days ago, but most recent one I have...
  14. CT99XJ

    Rear Axle Swaps

    8.5 isn't a full size axle... the one in my K1500 is the same width as my XJ axle.
  15. CT99XJ

    Random Disconnected Thoughts Thread

    Notice how that DubJay has minor damage to the front, maybe some damage to the front crossmember... and the Corvette is... well, the Corvette is still a 50,000-dollar RTI ramp like it was before, but a little flatter. +1 DubJay.
  16. CT99XJ

    Rear Axle Swaps

    the 8.25's were in fact available with ABS. It depends on the options the vehicle came with from the factory. 27- and 29-spline 8.25's do not have different size axle tubes, the only differences between the two are the shafts and spider gears. 8.8's are the same way. You can easily convert an...
  17. CT99XJ

    Rear Axle Swaps

    Update to Ford 8.8 swap: With 30's or smaller, the diff housing will hit every blade of grass you drive over. This is the weak point of the 8.8. A good solution would be to weld up some form of diff skid.
  18. CT99XJ

    XJ D30 Tech

    I'm going to slowly start posting D30 tech for all us HP guys. First one: Want to lock yourr D30 on the cheap? find someone who threw money away on a D35 (*coughcough*JERRY BRANSFORD*coughcough*) and take their LockRight or Aussie. D35 shafts are the same size and spline count as a D30 (scary...
  19. CT99XJ

    F-Bombs Away....

    As much as i love my fucking f-bomb (see what i did there? :)) I'm not a fan of this. While I'm young enough to not have kids, I don't like the idea of giving small children the idea that it's okay to swear. However, I do like the idea of letting shows use it sparingly, for the shock factor it's...
  20. CT99XJ


    large angle iron that wraps around the unibody rail, welded there.

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