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  1. kickitandholdit

    Gears and Lockers

    i have a powertrax locker in my 500HP chevelle and i give it hell all the time and still works great. my ASE master certified technition automotive teacher has run them on the paved and dirt track putting hellashious power to them and hasnt let them down. they use this material thats like 70%...
  2. kickitandholdit

    sold my jeep last week and got a new one this week

    yea its covered in new parts and no rust. and i agree it is a bit large but its just a toy right now so im not that worried about it.
  3. kickitandholdit

    sold my jeep last week and got a new one this week

    thanks.. its a 1982, 4.2, and im not sure i think its just a normal 5speed, 36" super swampers, it has to be regeared cause it drives great with 36" swampers, quick disconnect sway bar, spring over lift, new parts everywhere
  4. kickitandholdit

    sold my jeep last week and got a new one this week

    here are some more pics
  5. kickitandholdit

    sold my jeep last week and got a new one this week

    got rid of my cj5 and just picked up this cj7. no rust at all. everything is almost brand new if not brand new from the seats to the motor & tranny. needs a back seat and paint and a bikini top thats it for me what ya think? looks kinda bad in the pic because the way the clouds were
  6. kickitandholdit

    Pallet = Roof basket

    wow now thats cool! very impressive
  7. kickitandholdit

    Getting hard to find parts for early YJ's. ARGH!

    there is a salvage jeeps place near where i live and its basically a junk yard with nothing but jeeps. you might can order one from them. "salvage jeep parts & service" in Statesboro Georgia the phone # should be 1912-587-5918
  8. kickitandholdit

    cj5 VS cherokee

    well i got a tahoe for a daily driver but i think im gonna end up with a nice 80s cj7 if everything works out
  9. kickitandholdit

    New KM2's!

  10. kickitandholdit

    What other vehicles have you owned?

    jeep cherokee, obs tahoe, nbs tahoe, 2 samurais, 4x4 mazda, a cj5, about to sell the cj5 and get a cj7, and i have a chevelle. only been driving 3 years :D haha
  11. kickitandholdit

    Well by the 15th..

    i got the post count for sure haha i just dont know how to do it
  12. kickitandholdit

    I am new here!

  13. kickitandholdit

    Well by the 15th..

    how do you enroll in jeep of the month?
  14. kickitandholdit

    i just got a cj5 today

    well i have a few people interested in it for 3,000. and if that $ actually shows up ill probably sell it and get a 2dr cherokee. but if i dont sell it ill just restore it throughout college maby some baja claws and bullet holes rims and a paint job and lights EVERYWHERE :D
  15. kickitandholdit

    i just got a cj5 today

    actually it might be off an older jeep im not sure but it looks like it came from a different jeep... works though
  16. kickitandholdit

    i just got a cj5 today

    here is an updated pic i did some tlc
  17. kickitandholdit

    cj5 VS cherokee

    i have a 78 cj5 with a fiberglass body hard top hard doors and t18 tranny drives great.. but i think i might sell and get a cherokee because of more room and a/c.. what are the good and the bad when comparing these two? im trying to decide if i should go with the cj5 or a cherokee so tell me...
  18. kickitandholdit

    my soon to be xj

    that looks like fun.. only idea i can think of is drive the hell out of it and take pics :D
  19. kickitandholdit

    86 gmc k2500

    hell yea. love lots of pics, nice welds too

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