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    bastard packs

    yea i heard s10 also but wanted something a lil stouter. i pull a heavy trailer from time to time.
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    monster yj mud project

    damn, just damn, looks like itll go tho.:jawdrop:
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    bastard packs

    im wanting to beef up my leafs, does neone know if i can use springs from a chevy in a bastard pack? they measure the same width just thicker and a lil longer but i think if i cut them to length theyll work. ne feedback will be appreciated.
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    Show yours

    audioguy1 are her flush mounts led
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    2006 kj

    my wife my wife has an 04 liberty that she will probly take to her grave,lol. she refuses however to let me mod on it or take it offroad. women,lol.
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    Show yours

    95 yj 95 yj 2.5 5speed homemade- bumpers front and rear led tail and side lights windshield light brackets hoodscoop for better airflow roof rack rocker guards 1 5/8" shackle lift 32 11.50 on stock jeep wheels...
  7. trailboss330 my other toy.

    trailboss330 my other toy.

  8. th jeep164

    th jeep164

  9. with the 32s

    with the 32s

  10. th jeep169

    th jeep169

  11. th jeep135

    th jeep135

  12. th jeep136

    th jeep136

  13. th jeep139

    th jeep139

  14. custom bumper made by me

    custom bumper made by me

  15. th jeep008

    th jeep008

  16. th jeep001

    th jeep001

  17. jeep008


  18. homemade roof rack

    homemade roof rack

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