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  1. Patrick A-51

    Just cause nobody has posted in this section since SEPTEMBER!

    Here is a couple of photo"s Our Jeep is a 2016 JGC 3.6L V6 The Red Ram Truck in the background is my 16 Ram 2500 IL6 6.7l CTD
  2. SWMbO Ruby Red Ride

    SWMbO Ruby Red Ride

    Our Jeep Grand Cherokee
  3. Patrick A-51

    New to Forum

    Hi my wife and I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee w/3.6L v-6 in Sept of 2016, Sept. 30th to be exact. Took delivery on 01Oct16 . We bought it so we could have a TOAD for behind our RV. My wife has been ill and I'm not much better off so we don't even have 2000 miles on it yet. We also have a 2016...

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