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    Offroad Lights

    What offroad lights are you guys running and why? I love my Lightforces and Vision-x (which i carry full lines of both), but i am considering adding piaa and some "economy" HID offroad lights similar to the ones Schucks O'reillys was selling, at about the same price point. any insight?
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    Winter is coming, So Im thinking of running a sale on Lightforces. Something along the lines of 50% off the HID conversion if you pick up a set of lightforces. What do you guys think? Oh, and I havent sold any HIDs here yet, anything I can do to improve?
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    Jeep grand cherokee. ABS light and Oil leaking from engine

    Don't buy parts. Take it in and have it diagnosed. Dealership is probably your best bet for abs issues.
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    You know you drive a Jeep when...

    When your wife wont let your kids in it because they'll catch a cold
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    HID Sale

    A new HID company has contacted me, hoping I will start using their products. They are offering their HID kits for THIS ORDER ONLY at LESS than my usual costs, so I am going to pass on that savings to all of you. These kits will have a lifetime warranty just like the rest. The bulbs are not...
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    I do not like the lakers!!!

    Thread fail. You post this everywhere Brian?
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    Forums I need to add..

    Yeah, I have an area that's specific for me. I like seeing engine mods all in 1 area so you can check them all out without having to dig through everything in the cj forum, same goes for exterior.
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    Forums I need to add..

    an exterior forum. i dont know if one would be needed in each subsection, but i think a basic one for the whole site would work on gmfs. its where we get to show off our de-molding, hids, wheels/tires etc which most of doesnt really need to be vehicle specific.
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    What other vehicles do you own?

    82 sierra 94 2 door blazer 08 silverado
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    Absolutely. I do that on all my installs also.
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    Hids are amazing. Your output is very much determined by your housin and bulbs length/focal point. So your performance will depend on what you've got. I love them and other than the fogs in my 08 silverado, I don't get any complaints.
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    Prices and some info

    Some information on me and why my product is worth more money. 1. Here is my cell phone number (907) 841-5364. Please just remember I am in Alaska, 4 hours BEHIND east coast. If I dont answer at 7 am your time, its because its 3 am here. Leave a message, I will call you back. The plus side to...
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    More HP

    we have a guy at work right now putting a sbc 5.3 in his. should be an interesting build.
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    Painless wiring harness CJ5

    maybe lightforce lights instead of hella?
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    I want everyones feedback..

    if somebody wants to design a sticker, i can make them.

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