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Default I hope a Mopar Representative reads this.....
So we all love the Hemi Engine but it could be improved.

Engine Remanufactures typically address the follwoing issues when remanufacturing a 5.7 Hemi:


Dropped valve seats •Oversized valve seats installed with more press fit

Scuffed pistons or worn piston rings •Upgraded piston ring pack including steel compression rings for greater durability
•Updated aftermarket piston with additional oil drainbacks for better oil return

Premature bearing failure or engine knocking •Blocks and cranks are completely manufactured to exact tolerances utilizing CNC machining equipment
•Crankshafts are micro-polished to extend bearing life.

Head gasket failures or leaking head gaskets •Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets are used which resist heat and avoid head gasket failures.
•Compression height on the pistons is reduced to maintain factory compression ratio specifications.
•Both the block and cylinder heads are precision machined to exact specifications.

OTHER UPGRADES/BENEFITS that SHOULD be done from the factory:

•Graphite coated hypereutectic pistons resist scuffing and damage to heat much better than factory aluminum pistons
•Moly piston rings reduce friction and cylinder wall wear to extend the life of the engine
•Viton rear main seals protect against heat and leaks
•Connecting rods are honed (both the little and big ends) to ensure uniformity
•Chrome plated valve stems resist scuffing and heat for greater durability
•Every Hemi replacement engine is 100% simulation tested very thoroughly by skilled technicians.

Why doesn't Mopar concentrate on improving and building the engines right the first time instead of putting a stupid hood scoop on your car
or changing the appearance? Why don't you follow the European manufacturers and refine the drive train instead of concentrating on the looks
of the cars. The Jeeps & Challengers are perfect in appearance as it is right now. Leave it alone in my opinion and build the engine right!!!

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