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Originally Posted by SUPERD View Post
....use a name brand filter, not a parts store cheapie, i've cut open many oil filters in my day, you would be surprised what some use for filter media, seen shredded newsprint in one off brand, cant go wrong with one from wix, hastings,or fram.
A few months ago I ran across a very comprehensive oil filter review but I can't find it now. I posted my question on the forum where I think the review was posted so I'm still waiting for a reply.

I agree with name brand filters, but even some of them like FRAM are no longer a top rated filter. If memory serves me right, Wix, Hastings, Purolator were some of the best filters the guy rated.

I'll update this if I can find the comparison review I'm looking for. BTW... there are several brands that are identical and made by the same maker. All oil filters are not created equal.

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