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Cherokee Tech Info

Injector Info

This is a discussion on Injector Info within the Cherokee Tech Info forums, part of the Cherokee Forum category!
With all the questions comein up lately i thought i would do a write up on them. First of all ...

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Default Injector Info
With all the questions comein up lately i thought i would do a write up on them.

First of all the year of your XJ determines what injectors you have and need to replace with. Here is a chart of the XJ's years, pressures, and injector sizes.

Model Year, ...Part #, ......Colour, .....Fuel Pressure, ...Static Flow,
'87-'90, ........53003956, ...Black, ........39psi, .................18.6lb/hr
'91-'93, ........33007127, ...Brown, .......39psi, .................21.0lb/hr
'94-'95, ........53030343, ...Tan, ...........39psi, .................21.0lb/hr
'96-'99, ........53030778, ...Grey, .........49psi, .................23.2lb/hr
'00-'01, ........04854181, ...Blue tip, .....49psi, .................22.5lb/hr

There are a few other colors from other vehicles like the TJ, YJ, and GC. Im just using the XJ info cause that is what i have available and thats whats goin to be used on here more than anything.

Alot of people are interested in goin to the ford injectors. Depending on the year your XJ is you will need differant injectors.

Here is the chart i will be refering to the injectors in.

For the renix models 87-90 4.0l you will need a 19lb/hr injector @ 39psi. The best ones would be to use the yellow/orange top stock mustang or the explorer v8. I know the body design is different but they will plug in and fit under the fuel rail just fine. On the explorer v8 style ones they are alot less prone to leaks. Those are the ones I am running at the time of this write up.

Now for the following applications you will need to do either a MAP sensor mod or buy a adj MAP, or you can get a adj fuel pressure regulator. Here is a write up on modding a map sensor wrote by "Dino". Im not goin to recommend a certain FPR cause thats all up to hoe much you want to spend or what you prefer. I'm not also goin to get into in other mods such as tb bore or replacement, intake or exhaust. If you do the MAP mod or buy a adj MAP you need to get a air/fuel ratio gauge. I spoke with Bosch Sensors tech dept on this. They informed me that the narrow band O2's used in the early XJ's can be wired into the A/F gauge and get a accurate reading on adjusting the MAP to lean or enrich the ratio.

On the 91 - 95 models:
'91-'93, ........33007127, ...Brown, .......39psi, .................21.0lb/hr
'94-'95, ........53030343, ...Tan, ...........39psi, .................21.0lb/hr
There are a couple different ways to replace these injectors. These are not in any order in preference or anything else other than a way to separate them.

First you can use the 19lb/hr injector from the explorer v8 or the mustang(as well as others), and do the MAP sensor or the FRP. You will need to enrich the A/F ratio with using the smaller injector, or if you want to do the adj FPR you can use this calculator to get the right fuel pressure you need to run. Set it at that and go. With out using a A/F ratio gauge you are still only guessing if it is at the correct ratio.

Second you can use the 24lb/hr injector from the ford truck or navigator. If you decide to go this route. You will need to drop your fuel pressure or adj the MAP sensor to lean out the fuel system. The same process it taken to lower the fuel pressure or lean the system as above with raising or enriching the system.

On the 96 - 99 its basically the same thing.
96-'99, ........53030778, ...Grey, .........49psi, .................23.2lb/hr
With this year range i would recommend using the ford truck or navigator 24lb/hr injectors. With the stock fuel pressure you will be running a 26.90lb/hr flow. So here again you will need to drop your fuel pressure to mod the MAP to lean out the system.

On the 00 - 01 models is where it gets different. All the other injectors use whats called a EV1 plug. The 00-01 use a EV6 or USCAR connector. you can use the EV1 in a EV6 app or vise verse you just have to rewire the plugs or get some adapter plugs. It is easiest if you jut get a injector with the right plug on it. For these apps its best to use the Cobra injector and drop the fuel pressure or lean the system with the MAP.

Here are some other injectors and fuel pressures.
Ford Motorsport 19.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-C302)
Ford Motorsport 24.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-A302)
Ford Motorsport 30.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-B302)
Chevy LT1 24.0lb/hr @ 43.5psi (Part no. 17124248)
Chevy LT4 28.0lb/hr @ 43.5psi (Part no. 17124251)
'98 Chevy LS1 25.2lb/hr @ 58.0psi (Part no. 12533952)
'99-'00 Chevy LS1 26.2lb/hr @ 58.0psi (Part no. 12456154)
'01-'02 Chevy LS1/LS6 28.6lb/hr @ 58.0psi (Part no. 12482704)
Accel 19.2lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150119)
Accel 21.1lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150121)
Accel 24.4lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150124)
Accel 25.6lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150126)
Accel 29.4lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150130)

The '95 Jeep 5.2 ZJ/Dodge 5.9 injectors (Part no. 53030262) are rated to flow 24.6lb/hr at 39psi.

The injector or route to obtain the perfect A/F ratio of 14.7:1 (also know as stoich) is strictly upto you. I was wantin to post something up to help people get th right injector and realize that in most cases its not just a bolt in and go mod.

The selection of injector size will depend on the estimated horsepower output, brake specific fuel consumption BSFC (assume 0.5), no. of cylinders, and the injector duty cycle (assume 80% or 0.8). The formula is:

Injector size (lb/hr) = (horsepower x 0.5)/(no.of cylinders x 0.8)

I sourced info from all over here is thanks and links to some of the people/places i got some of the info.

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Thanks for adding this

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np anytime. i also added it a few other places. so many people keep askin me so many questions once i start talkin bout them thought i would try to get alot together. and help other people out.
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wow alot of info, ill half to take my ADD medicine and read that later haha
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here is a good way to clean them too. with out havein to pay 15 to 20 each.

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