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Default Great idea
Thou with the carpeting.. things may still slide around.. One might get the Husky liner cargo liner with a non slip coating. But I have other jeepers go to extreme and build storage trays which fit into desired areas of the cargo bay. We'll have to explore these types of options ourselves..

But when I first noticed this topic.. I though you had created a cargo cover.. or a storage system using a cargo cover.. Seeing how we have the Bestop Half top (the duster section) I've found there is a security issue and had to create something that fit over the cargo area but under the duster cover..

My Jerry rig solution was to acquire an old plastic bed liner, cut to shape, install as I suggested above. Thou there is some slight sag in the middle, I'm continuing to modify this as a permanent cover option. perhaps a few supports of some sort at the front and rear of this liner will keep the plastic from drooping.
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