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Default am i over my head?
My boss just gave me a 1974 jeep wagoneer. he bought the jeep from an elderly woman who had the jeep parked in her field for about 20 years. the woman said she parked the jeep because it needed new tires, everything else worked fine. however she soon got a new car and quit caring about the old jeep. so there it sat in a field in Oregon for 20 years. now it's parked at my house. we used a winch to pull it on to a trailer and took it home. the interior is shot. the motor will most likely need to be rebuilt/ looks like there have been snakes and other creatures living inside, the wheels dont even turn. there isnt much on the jeep that does work anymore. I am a college student now but i took 4 years of auto shop in high school so i know the basics. Im willing to put a lot of time in to this jeep, i love working on cars and i want to learn by working on one of my own. but is this the car to do it? or is it just a waste of money at this point? my plan is to put as little money as possible in to it. i would like to make it run, lift it and throw on some off road tires, fix up the inside give it a paint job, throw a rack on the roof and use it to drive my friends and I to the mountain in the winter. [ATTACH]photo (1).jpg[/ATTACH]
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