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We're working on them when we can, we both recently became unemployed, so that leaves a lot of time, without a lot of money. We're kind of working on both @ the same time, working as we can, as I said. I apparently "missed" a few paychecks back in 2009, so I should be getting some cash in the mail soon. If I don't spend it all on Levi and getting him street-able, I will probably use some of it @ the junkyard to get a new steering [manual-transmission] column (totally necessary), hard to find though. Everybody has the damn Auto's. LOL

After we get these Jeeps done (and by 'done' i mean, daily-drivable), we'll probably begin working on the Chevy.. ('66 C10 Panel truck), and sell the XJ on the cheap, as that has become our little piece of hell, for a daily-driver. LOL (2.5L 5-spd 2 door)

Levi: 1982 Jeep Cherokee Laredo W/T
Getting started: Runs, Drives, now SMOG is the problem.

Maximus: 1967 Jeep Gladiator J300
Getting Started: Fuel System needs replacement/cleaning; then brake cylinders.

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