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On top of that mountain is actually an Observatory. The owner decided he didn't want to work on it anymore (it wasn't driving at the time, obviously). The truck spent most of it's time up in that last parking-spot, given it's only rust-hole (a piece of the bed where the floor meets the side-panel), from melting snow every year. After 2-3 (if i remember correctly) people failed to either show-up or take it, we did.

The jeep was up on non-public-land Observatory property. We had to get permission to go take a closer look the first time we went up there (before having it confirmed we were 'in the running' so to speak) to take a look at it. It'd been sitting there for quite some time, as I mentioned. Another FSJ enthusiast simply didn't want to watch it rot-away and asked about it, and posted on the forums that it was free. We got lucky. We got lucky to get it to his storage spot too, because of the guy we asked to tow it for us. His brakes were baking on the way down, so we had to stop a few times (quite a long twisting, curvy road for a big truck with a huge trailer on it).

Palomar Mtn, if you ever get curious.

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