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Default Possible return of the Jeep Grand Wagoner
I saw this on article.

Jeep is being run by 46-year-old Brit Mike Manley, who cut his teeth in the business as a car dealer in the U.K. before moving to America with DaimlerChrysler eight years ago. Manley's vision for Jeep includes a new Grand Wagoneer, built on a lengthened wheelbase version of the new Grand Cherokee's platform. "Grand Wagoneer would be the pinnacle of Jeep," he says. "We still have work to do to be able to confirm we can do it, but it is very much in my plans." Also on the agenda are diesel engines for the U.S. market, and a new baby Jeep, smaller than Compass, for the European market. "What we want to do is be the complete SUV brand. So as we think about the portfolio, we're thinking about expansions in those areas."

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