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Mud hit the nail square on the head.... Soccer Mom interior.

I think half the problem with the Wrangler and the entire Jeep line up.... is they are trying to appeal to too many people and the Wrangler is getting further and further away from what a Jeep is supposed to be. I'd venture to say most Jeeps, the Wrangler included, never see a trail unless you count dirt roads leading to a camping spot at some state park.

The new dash can be considered a very slight improvement over the current one, but take out the fake bling and bring back something along the lines of the TJ dash (without two tone).....

Here is another link with the same pics, but the author speaks his mind and gives an opinion that I tend to agree with....

New 2011 Jeep Wrangler Interior | Editorials Blog & Discussion at Jp Magazine

'06 Jeep KJ Sport... w/some stuff
'08 Jeep JK X... w/even more stuff

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