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Heavily Modified. Not much on my XJ is stock anymore except the front axle housing, the unibody, and interior pieces. Body mods have been done, some internal engine stuff, clocked T-case, Durango steering box, and a bunch of small tweaks I've done that make the suspension ride how I want. I don't run sway bars on this Jeep, and never will again.

My list of things in the works:

*tire carrier (hitting up the steel yard tomorrow)
*full belly skid
*working on building long arms (or if I end up swapping in the ford HP44 I have lying around, I might just go radius arm)
*2 low modification to the 231
*need a new SYE
*add a 1.5 to 2" budget boost to the 3-3.5" i have to eventually clear 35's
*Ballistic truss on the D30, custom preload double heim bars on the 8.25
*relocate rear shocks to spring plate, run through floor
*Fox 2.0 remote reservoirs
*working on adapting DubJay steering to the front
*Taurus E-fan, eliminate the mechanical fan altogether
*mount my Scot-bottle to the spare tire carrier inside for OBA
*Tie sliders into front bumper and rear bumper (when built)
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