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Originally Posted by kickitandholdit View Post
sounds good man so what kind of setup you going with? like a baja buggy, show, bogger, jacked up toy haha what ya got in mind?
I'm building more of an adventure vehicle. Plans are just enough lift and trimming to fit 35's. I'll stuff some lock-rite or Aussie lockers in the axles along with some 4.10 gears to give it just enough traction to get out a sticky situtation without sacrificing on-road driveability. I'll probably bed-line most of the truck and go with a flat black or camo paint job. I want to add a full-length roof-rack like a Con-ferr or a Surco with a spare tire mount, jack and shovel mount, and possibly some jerry-can mounts. It would also be cool to have one of those roof-top tents, but I may save that for the off-road military trailer I plan to build after this is complete. I'll put some sort of winch set-up on the truck and of course keep it stocked with tow straps, snatch blocks, d-rings, etc.

I have a low mileage engine that I pulled from the parts donor and I plan to rebuild with a mild RV/Towing cam, aluminum intake, rebuilt heads, and GM TBI Fuel Injection in hopes of going from about 12mpg to around 18. All in all I think this will be a fun project.

At this stage, I am in the process of removing 23 years of gunk and funk from the front axle so I can have the spring perches welded to it. While I have it out, I plan to install the 4.10 gears which I already have and I'm looking for the lunchbox locker. If anyone has an Aussie or Lock-rite for a Dana 44 they want to get rid of, they me know!!! Thanks.
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