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Default What are the older Grand Cherokee Bumpers made of ?
I have a 98 Grand Cherokee, and i always knew the bumpers were good on them but today i had a good test lol.. I was at someone's house mowing there lawn (i use the Jeep as a work vehicle) and the lady was getting in her car. I asked do you need me to move the Jeep and she said no.... Then she back into my front bumper from the side pretty hard. I was pissed but after looking at the bumper all i had was scuff marks on it and her back bumper was dented and bent with paint missing lol..

The scuff marks actually just rubbed right off. I know if it was my mitsubishi endeavour the bumper would have shatterd and cracked.. The jeep tho is like solid rock or something.. lol Its some kind of plastic or rubber or something i dunno lol Its not a painted bumper like you see on all these new cars.

So what are they made of?

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