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Default Build Thread: Project 88 Grand Wagoneer
Well this is going to be a long drawn out build since funds are being pinched. I will update it whenever I make a milestone feat. There are a couple of things I have already done but I did not document them. First I swapped the front grilles. When I got it, it had the final edition grille but it was all beat up. I acquired a 78 parts waggy and pulled the mint boobie grille from it and installed it on my 88. Next I performed an ignition upgrade and performed what is known as the Ford TFI upgrade that is documented here: TFI_Upgade
Now I have decided to start on my suspension lift upgrade. Instead of installing taller springs and calling it good, I opted to go with a Spring-Over swap in the front and a rear Shackle-Flip to net about a 7 inch lift.

Here is what I started with at stock height:

After some blood, sweat, and tears, I managed to get the axle out. If you will notice, I already swapped the stock steering knuckles out for flattops that have been milled, drilled, amd tapped to accept the high steer arms and spacers I got from

The arms are already starting to rust. I guess I should have hit them with some black paint after installing them.

Here is how she sits right now:
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