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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
Thanks for posting in here. So you will not be doing a rock crawling with, but more of the trail ride stuff. So I shouldn't be expecting an roll cage going on this anytime soon
Probably not roll cage. It will get some sort of Surco-type roof rack with spare-tire, shovel, and hi-lift mount. Add a few offroad lights for umm....spotting and maybe a hidden winch under the bumper. Maybe I can find a replacement rear bumper with some jerry-can mounts so I can extend my driving distance, but I already a Chevy TBI set-up that is going ontop of my AMC 360 and I am swapping the 21 gallon gas tnak with a 42 gallon Suburban tank.If I can manage 15 mpg, I'll get a good 600 miles out of tank.
UGGHH...$2.69 a gallon X 42 gallons...I don't even wanna know!!!
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