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Originally Posted by Underpowered View Post
probably just gonna use some of the same 1/8" plate i am using for my floor boards to build a small box. then make a little cup holder stand, use like a 3" hole saw to but holes in teh plate, use the part i cut out for the bottom of the holder, then weld on a few supports to hold it up, that way the holders won't hold water.

either that or take the easy route and buy an ammo box for a consol, and then buy so boat cup holders (the ones that swivel in all directions so you can't spill them), figured those would be great for wheeling, so i won't spill my pop.
wow an ammo box i never thought of that haha damn thats a cool idea! i might half to empty all the muzzle loading stuff out of mine and do that lol

do a build thread of whatever you do lol
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