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Default Homemade Wrangler Quick Disconnects....
Don't have the $$$ to spend on expensive sway bar quick disconnects right now?? Here's a simple and cheap homemade solution until you save up the druckets to buy the real thing.

Head over to your local hardware store and pick up some clevis bolts, washers, grommets and banana pins. Crawl under your Jeep and remove the bottom bottom stock bolts and nuts on your sway bar links. Then install the new hardware as shown. The next time you disconnect, pull the pin, slide out the bolt and secure your sway bar. it's a lot easier than crawling under your Jeep with a couple of wrenches every time you want to disconnect.

Note: they won't last forever, so check them periodically and replace the clevis bolts when needed until you can buy the real thing.....

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