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Default CB Antenna Mod....
I use a CB radio when out doing trail runs. When not in use I take the CB out of the Jeep. I don't like the "bubba" look of a CB antenna on the back end of my Jeep while mall crawling around town, so I remove it when i don't have the CB installed. A full size antenna also attracts thieves who may break in looking for a CB to steal and pawn. My solution... removed the obvious temptation of a full size antenna on the back end of my Jeep.

To keep dust, rain and other small debris out of the antenna mount when the antenna is removed, I came up with a novel idea.... I took an old broken antenna and cut it down and use it to plug the otherwise open mount where the antenna screws into. No more crud in the mount, it's not as obvious as a full size antenna, and it's a good conversation starter.

With the antenna installed prior to a trail run....

A close up of the "stubby" antenna....

I like the look without a full size CB antenna installed while mall crawling around town....

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