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the front bumper is a PITA to work with. most take the two holes at the end of the "frame" horns and cut them out larger, then make plated to slid in so the bumper mounts are inside the frame rails basically.

my bumper however, has 18 bolts just across teh font to spread the load over the whole front end. is it strong? not really, it flexes alot under load, so we avoid using it, but it does work. i plan on re-doing the entire bumper, as basically it was put on in a pinch due to teh stock one getting torn off.

here it is, sorry excuse for a bumper but it works. all it is, is a piece of 2x6x.25 wall box tube welded to a piece of 3x3 angle, the bolted to the front

and the rear is the same material, but mounts to the factory reciever hitch mounting bolts

1990 XJ. beat up trail rig.

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