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Default LTT True Cold Air Intake for KJ's
I know many of you have already seen this on LOST, or JKJ, but someone from here accidentally found me over there and suggested I post it over here to spread the word.
I have the first couple of the intake scoops and airbox adapters ready to ship out. These currently work on the 05-07 KJ models. I am working on a version for the 02-04 models too. I will posts updates here as they come. I do not know if these will fit the KK, but if someone wants to try, or give me the info needed to make a KK version, I will be happy to make one for them too. The cost is a tad higher than I initially had quoted. The reason being, I forgot to include the cost of the support material for the 3D printer that I had to buy too. Remember, I am not making money on these. I am just sharing my design with all of you that had an interest. These are built on a 3D printer (rapid prototyping machine). The material is ABS plastic.

Grill intake scoop: $45
Airbox adapter for 3" hose/tubing: $50
Shipping one or both of the pieces listed above to anywhere in the continental US via USPS 3 Day Priority Mail: $13
. I checked shipping prices other than that,
. and shipping parcel post post required me
. to buy my own boxes. Added all up, it was
. only a couple dollars less, and I figure
. most would rather have the faster shipping.
If you want me to ship outside of US, I can quote that to you individually.

If you want one of these, just PM me. I will take payments via Paypal. I have 2 of the scoops and 2 of the airbox adapters ready now. I can only use the machine after hours and on weekends, so I will be taking orders on a first come, first serve basis. Please be patient on these initial orders, since it seems that a lot of you are interested. I'll create a running/waiting list for the initial orders and fill them ASAP. You won't need to pay until I have yours built and ready to ship. Then once I have yours built, you pay, and then I'll ship to you.

The hose to run between the scoop and the airbox is just 3" aluminum dryer vent hose that you can pick up at any Lowe's or Home Depot. You can use hose clamps if you want, but they really aren't needed. It fits pretty snug without them. You can also pick up a couple of plastic push-in rivets at the hardware store too for mounting.

I used both pieces on mine. However, dieselenthusiast is going to just use the intake scoop and then cut a 3" hole in the bottom/side of the airbox with a hole saw to feed his airbox. He has promised pics of that setup once he has it done.

If you have any questions about these, feel free to ask.

Here are some pictures

Grill Intake Scoop

Airbox adapter for 3" hose/tubing

Airbox Adapter installed

Scoop Installed

Scoop Installed behind grill

05-07 Grill without scoop

I just cut the rubber barrier piece horizontally just above the second hole. Then I folded it back behind in case I ever need to go back stock.

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